Go Green with our Azaadi Sale!!

It’s unimaginable that 71 years have passed since we became an independent state. And since then this land is prospering year by year. Each year the bliss of the Independence Day fills the country with joy and gratitude. We experience a plethora of azaadi sales all around the city and everyone is engaged in this day’s celebration.

As the month of freedom is here The Explorer is offering 25% discount on all the green items. From a huge section of our Victorinox collection you can choose a range of green items to carry this Independence Day. Show the patriotism for the country by carrying Swiss army knives which are available in green color. People who are planning to have an adventurous 14 August by camping can choose from a range of our Swiss army knives to suit their needs.

Our Victorinox travel gear collection includes a variety of backpacks which are comfortable enough to carry everywhere. If you are planning a trip abroad then you must check out our travel bags which are the best companion for your distant journeys.

Ladies who need something green in their kitchen should get their hands on our Rotho products where they will find an ideal lunch box to carry food conveniently. Furthermore choosing the best cutlery is one of the most important things you can do for your cooking skills, therefore we provide a range of different types of kitchen knives to complete your needs. Check out our kitchen cutlery items and fill your kitchen with our convenient kitchen knives.

Get up from your lazy couches and fill up your carts with a range of green items and celebrate freedom with The Explorer. Visit https://www.hazaris.com/azaadi-sale

amir hazaris

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