Laptop Bag for Women

A laptop is often carried in a backpack since it delivers convenience and comfort but some women find backpacks binding them around their body. It gives them a tied down feeling, therefore, a rigid handbag can ease your hassle.

WENGER EVA 13" WOMENS EXPANDABLE TOTE by Hazaris is the best option available. It has all the features that one ideal bag should encompass. It is durable enough for a long run and is stylish enough to make a statement. Its Removable padded sleeve protects up to a 13" / 33 cm laptop and a 10” / 25 cm Tablet / eReader. It has feet protection at the bottom which constraints deformation. The top is made of form which gives a smooth appearance to the bag. Its zippered accessory pocket can store items like cord, charger and business cards.

Hazari’s offer a wide variety of backpacks and handbags of Wenger which helps you carry your gear comfortably until the end of the trail. Buy Wenger travel products and travel smartly. For more information visit their website

amir hazaris

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