Waste Bin on Wheel

Your kitchen might be under arrest of germs. Disposing garbage in an open bin provides a medium to all the germs and bacteria to grow and spread everywhere in your kitchen therefore always use a trash can that has a lid on it since kitchen is the hub of food and one should never compromise with its hygiene.

Roll container by Rotho is specially designed to meet your commercial needs. These are now available at The Explore. It is thoughtfully constructed to make tasks easier for you on a commercial level and attached wheels to the waste bin add more efficiency to its functionality. Its large size reduces your effort since disposing of garbage is not required frequently. It keeps the garbage out of the sight and doesn’t disturb the eye. It is an ideal waste bin for every household and very practical for the commercial kitchen since it has the capacity of 100l. 

This eco-friendly bin by Rotho is always ready to roll into action and will take whatever you’ve got. For more information and detail visit our website http://hazaris.com/rotho/refuses/Atlas/rollcontainer-100-l-atlas


amir hazaris

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